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As one of the world’s leading location technology business, TomTom continuously provides both the latest and greatest innovations in automotive navigation systems that further improve driving today. Since 1991, TomTom has worked to create the easy-to-use technology with the goal to “create a safer, cleaner, congestion-free world”. Lorna Rickett, Global Manager for online support and applications, worked with the TomTom product team to find a solution to further improve their ratings and reviews systems while continuing to nurture the relationship between the company and their loyal customers.


Recently, TomTom transitioned from being solely product-focused to a more service-oriented business. With this adjustment, it became increasingly important that the business begin to not only focus on marketing the product, but making sure the reviews and reputation of these new innovations and product offerings grew with the app developments as well. They knew that customer feedback and user-generated content (UGC) would be vital to their success.

With their apps being available on GooglePlay Store and iTunes in addition to Amazon, it required an extensive amount of time to manage online reviews by logging into each of the platforms separately.

TomTom’s product management teams not only wanted to know how their apps were performing, but also how they could improve. They knew that they needed to start tracking reviews, comments and questions if they wanted these answers.

Before Reputation Studio, product teams would target and locate technical issues within their apps using various technologies and tools. These initiatives took priority over customer feedback on the business and apps as a whole.

This led to a lot of maintenance and time spent on managing the reviews across platforms and did not allow for agents to give customer feedback the attention it needed. By manually going into each platform the process for managing these important reviews was not efficient. They were unable to track how quickly they were responding and what their responses were. The product team and the agents needed an alternative solution to give their loyal customers the attention they deserved. What they needed was a review management tool that agents could track feedback, comments and questions in little time, allowing more time to effectively communicate with customers and give them the high-quality responses they deserve.

We noticed that when our agents would respond promptly to a negative 1 or 2-star review, a lot of those customers would go back and update that same review with either 4 or 5 stars.

Lorna Rickett

Global Manager for Online Support and Applications


When Lorna was introduced to Reputation Studio back in 2018, she was immediately interested in hearing more and curious to see a demo. Out of all review management systems, Reputation Studio is the only one native to the Salesforce Platform, allowing agents to complete their job within one cohesive dashboard. Reputation Studio pulls reviews from Amazon, iTunes and GooglePlay Store. The AI based automation will then creates a specific Service Cloud Case and routes it directly to the agent. This allows agents to then prioritize reviews and be able to respond directly from the Salesforce Dashboard and not have to leave the platform. Responses will be posted on that source automatically. In addition to all the reviews and responses being in one place, companies can then track response time and provide a seamless and efficient process to ensure their customers feedback is getting the attention it deserves. Agents can spend more time crafting engaging responses instead of spending critical time logging into various platforms, a key reason TomTom was looking for an alternative to their review management process.

I don't think we can ever go back to a time where it isn't all in one place. It was hard to find a tool that would reply to all 3 of the channels we wanted all from one dashboard. It was just what we needed.


By adding Reputation Studio they were finally able to meet their 24-hour SLA goal globally across Amazon, Google Play and iTunes for both their products and apps. With the help of data tagging, they gained key insights into what was being said about their products and were able to easily route those insights to their internal teams responsible for that aspect of the product.

By interacting with their consumers in real-time, customer satisfaction ratings improved as well as overall ratings and reviews for all products and services. “We noticed that when our agents would respond promptly to a negative 1 or 2-star review, a lot of those customers would go back and update that same review with either 4 or 5 stars.”

By having the review navigation all in one place, it saved time and manual effort for TomTom agents and eased their day-to-day work. This saved agents crucial minutes to reach out to as many customer comments and concerns while also providing an easier training process for newer agents. Since they went live with Reputation Studio, their customer service agents haven’t had to login to multiple review sites daily and they no longer struggle to quickly respond to their customer’s reviews, questions, and comments.

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