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With almost 500 tire centers throughout the western United States, Les Schwab Tires has been owned and operated by the Les Schwab family since 1952. David Quiett, a 30 year employee, started his career at Les Schwab in the tire centers and has been in his current role as Director of Store Sales Support since 2014. Les Schwab’s Store Sales Support department is responsible for providing support to all the tire centers regarding products, training, customer service, and inventory management.


Prior to implementing Reputation Studio, Les Schwab was utilizing a program that scraped customer reviews spread across Google, Yelp, and Facebook, but only provided the Customer Service team with a report of online reviews four times a day. Additionally, in order to track reviews, the Customer Service team spent a considerable amount of time to copy and paste online reviews into their customer service management tool. Finally, the reply would be posted using a third party dashboard, which pushed responses to the review site. This process made it challenging to provide real-time responses and support to customers leaving online reviews. The Customer Service team spent, on average, four minutes processing and responding to each review.

In 2018, Les Schwab was averaging more than 150 online reviews per day across almost 500 store locations on Google, Facebook, and Yelp. In mid-2018, Les Schwab implemented Salesforce Service Cloud to enhance and automate customer review tracking. While Salesforce Service Cloud enabled the Customer Service team to better manage reviews on a day-to-day basis, the process was still cumbersome and time consuming. The team was still spending around 4 minutes processing each review and was struggling to keep up with review responses. In an e ort to engage with all of their customers in a timely manner, David set out to search for a more automated enterprise solution that integrated with Salesforce.

I highly recommend Reputation Studio to anyone looking to improve and automate their online customer review process with Salesforce.

David Quiett

Director of Store Sales Support


In June 2018, David was introduced to the Reputation Studio team through the Salesforce AppExchange after Les Schwab launched 4 departments on Service Cloud. Reputation Studio is the only review management solution that is 100% native to Salesforce. The solution pulls reviews from Google, Yelp, and Facebook into Salesforce and then routes those reviews to either Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, or Social Studio. Teams are then able to prioritize those reviews and respond directly from their Salesforce dashboards. Responses are automatically posted to the direct source. Additionally, Reputation Studio has trained Einstein AI to interpret true customer sentiment and intent in order to give executives the actionable data needed to make effective decisions.

Reputation Studio increased our efficiency by 92% in the first week and we have reduced 90% of the resources needed to manage our online reviews.


Within one week of implementing Reputation Studio, the Customer Service team at Les Schwab was able to reduce their average review response time from four minutes to under 60 seconds. In the months following implementation, the Customer Service team continued to improve response times to close to an average of 30 seconds and stay on top of all reviews as they are submitted, increasing the response rate from 50% to 99%. The automation and streamlined process of Reputation Studio combined with the Salesforce platform has greatly improved Les Schwab’s ability to interact with customers online in real-time.

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