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Since 1995, Alta Resources has grown into one of the most reputable Call Center and Customer Engagement Firms for some of the biggest brands in the nation. Through an array of integrated business-process-outsourcing (BPO) services such as care, sales, eCommerce and fulfillment, Alta Resources works with brands to make sure they create a consistent branding experience for the client and customers. We spoke with Greg Stockwell, Director of Care Service Line, to discuss the methodology behind Alta Resources and how implementing a review management system provided new opportunity for both internal growth and processes.


Managing a client’s branding experience, can be a challenge, as well as time consuming. Though their quality of work is always above client expectations, Alta Resources was looking for an alternative method to improve their efficiencies and present even higher value to their clients.

Before implementing Reputation Studio, their reputation management processes were extremely painful. Agents would have to manually login to multiple platforms, like Amazon and Bazaarvoice to manage their online reviews, ratings, comments and questions from newest to oldest.

The former process consisted of several spreadsheets that their agents would use to track how many reviews they read and how many responses were added. This did not allow agents to add critical details of their work due to the lack of manpower and time in the day.

Though their work provided great value to their clients, there was room to add even more value to their work. Alta Resources was looking for a solution where locating reviews could be more of a seamless system that gave agents an easier and more efficient way of getting the job done. They were looking to increase productivity without having to increase the size of their team. The amount of work Alta Resources provides for their clients is based on a set number of hours approved by their client. By finding a new system to increase productivity without increasing rate.

It would take a significant amount of time. It took 14 hours to monitor 66 reviews and reply to only 15.

Greg Stockwell

Director of Customer Care


Greg was introduced to Reputation Studio back in 2018. When he found out that Reputation Studio is the only review management system that is native to the Salesforce Platform, he was immediately interested in learning more. Reputation Studio pulls reviews from Amazon, Bazaarvoice, Yelp, Google, and more. AI based automation then creates a Service Cloud Case and routes it to the right agent. This allows agents to prioritize reviews and provide high-quality responses without leaving the Salesforce Dashboard. Responses to customer feedback are then automatically posted on that source. Additionally, with all reviews and responses being in one place, companies can then track response time and provide a seamless and efficient process to ensure their customer’s feedback is getting the attention it deserves. This gives the agents back crucial hours to promptly respond to their customers and continue to bring value to their brand. By increasing efficiency, Alta was then able to streamline their review management process and provide even more value to their customers by increasing their productivity in the same amount of time. 

We saved so much time on manual reporting since it is tracked within the system. A lot of our clients are happier with using Alta as a BPO now that they have Reputation Studio in place. We are billing them the same amount and have doubled productivity!


By implementing Reputation Studio, they not only doubled, but TRIPLED the reply output providing better results and more value to their clients.

Since implementing Reputation Studio, they have gotten rid of the tick sheet that agents previously used to track the number of reviews read and those that received responses.

By having their review management system all in one dashboard, it saves agents time by not having to login to multiple platforms a day. This gave agents more time to focus on their high-quality responses and provide their loyal customers with engaging feedback to their questions in a timely matter. By improving their internal processes with Reputation Studio, agents no longer have the high-stress of logging into multiple platforms to get their job done effectively and can now improve their quality of work. Happy employees, happy business!

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